We are putting together a digital art zine that will be distributed both digitally and physically in the form of flash drives. We are asking for digital multimedia art and sound (pictures, videos, 3D, interactive environments, Data streams, code, performance documentation, etc.)

We are also accepting demos for album releases in both physical and digital form as well.
We are calling for digital content in the form of albums/demos, sound, writings, digital art, video, performance art, high-concept DJ mixes, interactive art, etc. that deal with concepts such as, but not limited to, techno-absurdity, digital intimacy/identity, decentralization and the internet, cybernetics, post-post-ironic cyberpunk, biohacking, etc.
To submit, email mediarinsmusic@gmail.com. For submissions, we recommend including links to you website or portfolio, a short bio, and links to or files of unreleased works you are submitting (this means no bandcamp or soundcloud links unless it's private).
We aim to build and connect a community of radical artists, musicians, technologists, designers, poets, etc. We are looking for people who are excited to collaborate and create new spaces for radical art.